Doorsteps & Dreams published at last!

I’ve just published Doorsteps & Dreams on Amazon (after getting over a minor panic attack about putting another novel ‘out there’). I think I’d been putting it off, bizzarely. I know I did that for Turning Points, but I had an excuse then – it was my debut novel. I thought this one would be less stressful. How wrong I was!

Anyway, Amazon have the status as ‘in review’ still at the moment, but I shall post a link to it once it’s actually available for sale.

I want to put both Turning Points and Doorsteps & Dreams on Smashwords too, but this won’t happen until 14th May at the earliest, because Turning Points is  tied in to Kindle Select until then and I don’t see any point putting the D&D there without TP.

Anyone who buys Doorsteps & Dreams – firstly THANK YOU, and secondly, if you have a few spare minutes, I’d really appreciate some reviews. It doesn’t have to be essay-length – a couple of sentences is quite enough.

Going off now to breathe into a paper bag 😉