Free Book (Limited Offer)!

I have decided to offer my debut novel, Turning Points, for FREE on Smashwords. This means it will also be available FREE from Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Ibooks. Go to my ‘Links’ page to find the appropriate hyperlink to get Turning Points for FREE.

Turning Points is the story of Carys Bowen from her mother’s death in 1944, just before Carys’ 10th birthday, through her adolescence in rural Wales and her difficult relationship with her father. The story follows Carys’ search for an exciting new life in London, her job as a nanny to actor Robert Knight’s new baby daughter and her frienships and romances right up to 1958. Turning Points is a story of childhood, of growing up and, most importantly, of relationships. It is an historical fiction novel which I hope will enable those who grew up in the era to reminisce and those born since to have a glimpse of what life was like growing up before the digital age, when women’s lives and expectations were very different from today.

So, go to my ‘Links’ page and click on the hyperlink to buy Turning Points. This is a limited offer, so don’t dally if you want to take advantage of the FREE OFFER! When you finish reading, I’d be most grateful for your review on whichever website you purchased it from. It helps others find my books, and lets me know you liked it! Thank you.

Turning Points cover illustration. Copyright 2015 Pauline Crouch