New Novel coming soon

My fourth novel (I’m currently torn between two titles, but it will probably be called either ‘Vibes’ or ‘Emma’s Path’), will be available in about two months’ time.

I will be giving away a limited number of FREE (electronic) copies, so if you are interested in receiving one, please contact me and let me know!

Here is my draft ‘blurb’ for the book:

Emma Logan was born different, but not in an obvious, physical way. In fact you probably wouldn’t bother taking a second – or possibly even a first – glance at her if you saw her walking down the street, especially when she tries so very hard to appear utterly ordinary.

But Emma has a secret ability that she calls ‘vibes;’ she can physically feel other people’s emotions. If someone around her is sad, her heart feels cold and heavy, like an artificial object has been implanted in her chest. If they’re jealous, it feels like a worm crawling through her brain; an invasive pest, like an unscratchable itch inside her skull. Her life is one endless, bewildering  ̶  and sometimes overwhelming  ̶  mess of other people’s emotions.

Emma struggles through a difficult childhood. Treated like a shadow by almost everyone except her popular best friend Letty, she watches life from the side-lines, unable to participate in the sociable activities enjoyed by others of her age.

Then Letty leaves for University. Emma can’t face the idea of living on a campus packed full of emotion-radiating young people and elects to stay at home. Her frustrated dad talks her into applying for a voluntary job at a local primary school, where Emma is happy to discover that her gift has some benefits after all.

Moving on to her first paid job as a Specialist Dyslexia Teaching Assistant in the secondary school she and Letty went to, Emma uses vibes to help the students she works with. Then she comes across Jenna, a student in trouble. But can Emma help Jenna without revealing her ‘gift’ and losing the anonymity she’s tried so hard to retain?