Bitty Kitty Wibby

Bitty Kitty Wibby FINAL cover

Bitty Kitty Wibby: A Collection of Cat Tales is a fairly short book containing humorous accounts of cat-astrophe, ranging from a talking kitten and a cat with a serious shoe fetish to an agoraphobic feline and a gargantuan moggy with a talent for producing bagel-poos.

50% of profits from the sale of this e-book will be donated to RSPCA Bluebell Ridge cat re-homing centre in Hastings, East Sussex, a self-financing branch who rely on donations to continue their good work.

Bitty Kitty Wibby: A Collection of Cat Tales is available as an ebook from Amazon for £1.99 and is also on sale through Smashwords at what I hope is a roughly equivalent price in US dollars.

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