Book release day Friday 21st July 2017. Now in both e-book and paperback editions.

My latest novel, Vibes, which has been available for pre-order as an e-book for a little while now, will be released tomorrow, so if you have pre-ordered it, you should find it winging its way to your Kindle soon.

I am happy to announce that it will also (assuming I don’t muck up the process) be available in paperback from tomorrow (possibly later in the day than the e-book version).

There’s a link to Amazon on my previous blog, so scroll down to find it if you’re planning to order it but haven’t yet done so.

Phew! The process of making your novel available in different formats is so time-consuming. I’m ready for a break (and perhaps a maple pecan danish) now.




‘Vibes’ now available for pre-order

I am finally able to announce that my latest novel, Vibes, is available to pre-order (in ebook format only at present) from Amazon, with a release date of 21st July. This means that an order placed now will be delivered to your Kindle on 21st.

Here’s a link, should you wish to order it:Pre-order Vibes from Amazon

3D V2

Vibes cover

I’m intending to make it available in paperback too, but since I apparently do things backwards, the paperback will follow at a later date (most authors apparently produce the paperback first and then release an ebook version later, but having started with just ebooks, that’s the format I’m most accustomed to dealing with).

New book cover

Here’s the cover of my soon-to-be-published latest novel, Vibes (image created, for those who might need a cover designer, by the brilliant and patient Dave at

All I have to do now is finish the final edit, format it and get it onto Amazon. I’m aiming for a release date around 21st July – which I believe is when the school summer holidays start.

3D V2.jpg

Now available in Paperback!

3D V1 While waiting for my copy editor to be available to check over my upcoming novel, I decided to have a crack at converting Splitting Infinities to make it available from Amazon as a paperback.

Success was finally mine yesterday at about 11pm, and Splitting Infinities can now be ordered in paperback for just £6.49. You can buy it by clicking on the following link: Splitting Infinities paperback version

Now I’ve done one, I’m wondering about the others. Perhaps after I’ve got Vibes (novel number 4) edited and both the cover and ebook versions finished I’ll think about it…

New Novel coming soon

My fourth novel (I’m currently torn between two titles, but it will probably be called either ‘Vibes’ or ‘Emma’s Path’), will be available in about two months’ time.

I will be giving away a limited number of FREE (electronic) copies, so if you are interested in receiving one, please contact me and let me know!

Here is my draft ‘blurb’ for the book:

Emma Logan was born different, but not in an obvious, physical way. In fact you probably wouldn’t bother taking a second – or possibly even a first – glance at her if you saw her walking down the street, especially when she tries so very hard to appear utterly ordinary.

But Emma has a secret ability that she calls ‘vibes;’ she can physically feel other people’s emotions. If someone around her is sad, her heart feels cold and heavy, like an artificial object has been implanted in her chest. If they’re jealous, it feels like a worm crawling through her brain; an invasive pest, like an unscratchable itch inside her skull. Her life is one endless, bewildering  ̶  and sometimes overwhelming  ̶  mess of other people’s emotions.

Emma struggles through a difficult childhood. Treated like a shadow by almost everyone except her popular best friend Letty, she watches life from the side-lines, unable to participate in the sociable activities enjoyed by others of her age.

Then Letty leaves for University. Emma can’t face the idea of living on a campus packed full of emotion-radiating young people and elects to stay at home. Her frustrated dad talks her into applying for a voluntary job at a local primary school, where Emma is happy to discover that her gift has some benefits after all.

Moving on to her first paid job as a Specialist Dyslexia Teaching Assistant in the secondary school she and Letty went to, Emma uses vibes to help the students she works with. Then she comes across Jenna, a student in trouble. But can Emma help Jenna without revealing her ‘gift’ and losing the anonymity she’s tried so hard to retain?

Free Sample Chapters

I have made the first two chapters of my latest novel, Splitting Infinities, available on the A Piece of my Work page. Follow the link or navigate to that page to find it! If you’d like to read Splitting Infinities for FREE, please send me an email via my Contact Sian page and I’ll send you a voucher code to download it from Smashwords completely free of charge, with no strings attached! This offer expires at midnight on 24th December.


Working on Novel Number 4

I am now a fair way into writing novel number 4 and, as seems to be the way, am finding my main character manoeuvring the storyline in directions I hadn’t imagined when I first had the idea. That’s a great thing though, because allowing the character to define their own fate seems to add depth to both the character and storyline (and seems only fair, when I think about it). This novel will be a similar genre to Splitting Infinities in that the protagonist is female and something very unusual is happening in what would otherwise be an ordinary life. I don’t want to give too much away, but hope that readers will find they are able to relate to main character and situations while also empathising and being drawn into the problems she encounters. Visit my website again for updates on the title and publishing date.

Limited Period Special Offer

Commencing on Amazon Prime Day (12th July) for 7 days, Splitting Infinities will be available on Amazon for less than half price at just 99p.

Click here to find it: Splitting Infinities on

Sally Patricia Gardener, author of ‘Lilian’s Story’, describes Splitting Infinities as “A wonderfully imaginative account of a woman trying to cope with life, love and loss. A beautifully written story that invokes both our sympathy and our empathy.”

Amazon reviewers comment that it is “… a gripping story that keeps you guessing” and “A highly recommended read”.

A major oversight

Oops! It seems that I forgot to add a post on the day that Splitting Infinities was officially launched on Amazon. I can’t believe I remembered to put it on Facebook and forgot my own website! Anyway, Splitting Infinities is now fully available to buy from Amazon. I have had a few 5 star reviews already, which is really brilliant! If you’re one of those reviewers, then thank you so much for taking the time to comment positively about my novel. Click below to go straight to it on

Link to Splitting Infinities on Amazon UK