October means Hallowe’en

In honour of Hallowe’en, I’ve changed the ‘A Piece of my Work’ page to share a children’s poem I wrote for Hallowe’en. I hope you enjoy it!


Working on Novel Number 4

I am now a fair way into writing novel number 4 and, as seems to be the way, am finding my main character manoeuvring the storyline in directions I hadn’t imagined when I first had the idea. That’s a great thing though, because allowing the character to define their own fate seems to add depth to both the character and storyline (and seems only fair, when I think about it). This novel will be a similar genre to Splitting Infinities in that the protagonist is female and something very unusual is happening in what would otherwise be an ordinary life. I don’t want to give too much away, but hope that readers will find they are able to relate to main character and situations while also empathising and being drawn into the problems she encounters. Visit my website again for updates on the title and publishing date.

Limited Period Special Offer

Commencing on Amazon Prime Day (12th July) for 7 days, Splitting Infinities will be available on Amazon for less than half price at just 99p.

Click here to find it: Splitting Infinities on Amazon.co.uk

Sally Patricia Gardener, author of ‘Lilian’s Story’, describes Splitting Infinities as “A wonderfully imaginative account of a woman trying to cope with life, love and loss. A beautifully written story that invokes both our sympathy and our empathy.”

Amazon reviewers comment that it is “… a gripping story that keeps you guessing” and “A highly recommended read”.

A major oversight

Oops! It seems that I forgot to add a post on the day that Splitting Infinities was officially launched on Amazon. I can’t believe I remembered to put it on Facebook and forgot my own website! Anyway, Splitting Infinities is now fully available to buy from Amazon. I have had a few 5 star reviews already, which is really brilliant! If you’re one of those reviewers, then thank you so much for taking the time to comment positively about my novel. Click below to go straight to it on Amazon.co.uk:

Link to Splitting Infinities on Amazon UK


‘Splitting Infinities’ available for pre-order from Amazon

3D V1.jpgMy latest novel, Splitting Infinities, is now available for pre-order (as an ebook) from Amazon, and will be released on 24th June.

Here is a brief taster of the storyline: Dawn Foster lost her 18-year-old son, Ben following a tragic accident two years ago. Desperate to cling onto her memories, she wants his room kept how it was when he was alive. But her husband Gary badgers her into letting him re-decorate Ben’s room, then sends their son’s belongings to a charity shop. A serious rift in their marriage results and Gary moves out, leaving Dawn alone in the house – except for her dear cat, Tonto.
Then Dawn finds her son’s ‘lucky stone’ in the pocket of a jacket bought back from the charity shop and her life suddenly begins to take a series of inexplicable turns.
With her son dead, her husband gone and life quite literally out of control, how will Dawn ever be happy again?

For more details about the storyline, go to the Splitting Infinities page on this website. Alternatively, you can take a look at it on Amazon.

Here is the direct link to my book page on Amazon.co.uk:




Publishing cat stories with 50% profits to Bluebell Ridge

Today (14th March 2016)  I have published a short book of stories about my cats. It’s called ‘Bitty Kitty Wibby: A Collection of Cat Tales‘ and is available from Smashwords and Amazon. The price on Amazon is £1.99, and I’ve tried to make it as close to that as possible on Smashwords too. 50% of any profits from this book will be donated to RSPCA Bluebell Ridge cat re-homing centre in Hastings, East Sussex, who are a self-funded branch relying on donations etc to keep running. Check out their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/bluebellridge if you want to know more about their work and the cats currently up for adoption.

Link to the book on Smashwords

Link to the book on Amazon

Cover picture

Cover picture

A Good Read?

It’s lovely to see that people are giving my novels and my short story anthology good reviews on Amazon. Thank you if you have taken the time to post positive comments!
If you have bought one of my books through Smashwords, I would very much appreciate it if you could spend a few minutes posting a review on Smashwords’ website – it’s really nice to know when people have enjoyed my work and it helps other readers with similar tastes find my books as well. Both ‘Turning Points’ and ‘Shorts’ are free from Smashwords too, so all it will cost you is a few minutes of your time. Thank you.


Free Book (Limited Offer)!

I have decided to offer my debut novel, Turning Points, for FREE on Smashwords. This means it will also be available FREE from Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Ibooks. Go to my ‘Links’ page to find the appropriate hyperlink to get Turning Points for FREE.

Turning Points is the story of Carys Bowen from her mother’s death in 1944, just before Carys’ 10th birthday, through her adolescence in rural Wales and her difficult relationship with her father. The story follows Carys’ search for an exciting new life in London, her job as a nanny to actor Robert Knight’s new baby daughter and her frienships and romances right up to 1958. Turning Points is a story of childhood, of growing up and, most importantly, of relationships. It is an historical fiction novel which I hope will enable those who grew up in the era to reminisce and those born since to have a glimpse of what life was like growing up before the digital age, when women’s lives and expectations were very different from today.

So, go to my ‘Links’ page and click on the hyperlink to buy Turning Points. This is a limited offer, so don’t dally if you want to take advantage of the FREE OFFER! When you finish reading, I’d be most grateful for your review on whichever website you purchased it from. It helps others find my books, and lets me know you liked it! Thank you.

Turning Points cover illustration. Copyright 2015 Pauline Crouch

National Poetry Day

Since today is National Poetry Day, I thought I’d post my own little poem. It’s called ‘I Wish…’ and is part of my short story collection, ‘Shorts,’ which is available free from Smashwords or for 99p from Amazon (e-book formats).

I Wish…

I wish I’d been to uni;
I used to be quite smart.
I wish I’d married Clooney –
Or Depp would be a start.
I wish I’d been a stewardess
In the air or out at sea.
But if I’d done all of this
I wouldn’t now be me…

I wish I had a fancy house
In which to roam around.
I wish I’d been a teacher
Or worked in a dog pound.
I wish I could do cartwheels
I’d be flexible and free.
But if I’d done all of this
I wouldn’t now be me…

I wish that I was taller
I wish that I was thinner
I wish my hair was red,
That I could cook a fancy dinner.
I wish I had green fingers;
It just wasn’t meant to be.
Because if I had all of this
I wouldn’t now be me…

Well, “Me” may not be perfect
And “Me” may not be great,
But I would never change a thing…
Not much at any rate

Free Summer book offer!

For those of you looking for e-books to take on holiday and/or read over the summer, I’ve just created a free promotion for my novel, Turning Points. Just visit the Smashwords website and buy Turning Points using promotion code WN72T between now and the end of August to receive your free copy!

Turning Points is an Historical Fiction/coming-of-age novel about Welsh girl, Carys Bowen and her struggle to maintain a relationship with her father following the death of her mother. Go to the Turning Points page on this website for further details of the storyline.

If you enjoy your free copy I would, as always, appreciate a review on the retailer’s website. And feel free to contact me too – I’m happy to chat about my work and my characters.

Have a great summer!