Doorsteps & Dreams


Doorsteps & Dreams cover illustration. Copyright 2015 Pauline Crouch.

Doorsteps & Dreams is an historical novel which begins in late 1958 and ends in 1963.

It is available as an ebook from Amazon and Smashwords

Here is a brief taster of the storyline:

Perhaps it’s time to stop running away…

Carrie is married at last, but all is not perfect: Her old-fashioned husband isn’t keen on the idea of his new wife having a job, even if it makes her happy.

Life in London seems far from home to Carrie too, and she’s keen to move back to Wales and build on her renewed relationship with her dad. Finally an opportunity arises to return to her beloved Wales.

But Carrie, longing to become a mother, finds that fate stands firmly in her way. And then tragedy strikes…

Doorsteps & Dreams is the sequel to Turning Points, so if you want to find out what happens next to Carrie, please read the next instalment.

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Amazon UK Kindle edition
Smashwords ebook
Ibooks ebook
Kobo ebook
Barnes & Noble Nookbook


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