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My fourth novel, Vibes will be published in both e-book and paperback editions on Amazon on Friday 21st July 2017. A Smashwords version should follow a few months later.

Here’s the ‘blurb’:

Emma Logan was born different, but not in an obvious, physical way. You probably wouldn’t bother taking a second glance at her if you saw her walking down the street, especially when she tries so hard to appear utterly ordinary.

Emma has a secret ability that she calls ‘vibes’, which means she can physically feel other people’s emotions. If someone around her is sad, her heart feels cold and heavy; if they’re jealous, it feels like a worm wriggling around inside her skull. Her life is a bewildering ̶ and sometimes overwhelming ̶ mess of other people’s emotions.

Unable to participate in ‘normal’ life, Emma struggles through childhood treated like a shadow by almost everyone except for her popular best friend, Letty.

When Letty leaves for university, Emma elects to remain at home. Her frustrated dad talks her into applying for a voluntary job at a local primary school, where Emma is delighted to discover that her gift has some advantages after all.

After moving on to her first paid job in a secondary school, Emma comes across Jenna, a student in trouble. But can Emma help Jenna without revealing her ‘gift’ and losing the anonymity she’s tried so desperately to retain?