Welcome to Post-Production

About a month ago, I was out meeting some of my husband’s work colleagues at a social gathering in London. One of them asked ‘When is your next book going to come out?’ and I didn’t know the answer. To be honest, I’d got a bit stuck and was writing v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y.

“May,” says my husband, full of confidence.

“Whaaat?” says I (imagine Despicable Me minions here). But somehow his promise spurred me to action and da da-da da-daaaah! my first draft is now (wait for it, wait for it) FINISHED!!!

Except for a little twiddly bit that needs some research.

Phew! Only the multiple read-throughs, beta reading, proof reading, copy editing, cover design, formatting and a few other little bits and bobs left to do then.

Welcome to post-production!

Oh, and I’ve changed the title somewhere along the way too. Watch this space. Coming in May 2018…….


Tap tap tapping on my trusty keyboard

A cold December afternoon and I’ve spent a big chunk of the day working away at my upcoming novel, Seventh. So far the word count is around 45,000, so I think I may be about half way. Technically anyway. Those of you who write will know how much more there is to do once the first draft is finished. Oddly, I like that nitpicky bit quite a lot (or perhaps it isn’t odd at all to those of you who know me personally and appreciate what a perfectionist I am). After a not-so-quick foray into the land of social media, I think it’s time to get back to – well, I would call it the real world but it’s a fictional one, isn’t it? Sometimes I wonder if the real world is real at all…

FREE copy of ‘Vibes’ ebook from Smashwords

As a website re-launch special offer, I’m making my latest novel ‘Vibes’ available FREE on Smashwords from today (6th November) until 12th November. Vibes is the story of Emma Logan, a girl with the unwanted gift of being able to feel other people’s emotions. To find out more about Vibes, click here or to download it from Smashwords, click here

Working on the website

I’m working on a few amendments which will hopefully make my website easier to navigate. Apologies if this makes things (temporarily) inconsistent. I’m not a web developer and am struggling to deal with all the techy stuff! Thank you for your patience.

Book release day Friday 21st July 2017. Now in both e-book and paperback editions.

My latest novel, Vibes, which has been available for pre-order as an e-book for a little while now, will be released tomorrow, so if you have pre-ordered it, you should find it winging its way to your Kindle soon.

I am happy to announce that it will also (assuming I don’t muck up the process) be available in paperback from tomorrow (possibly later in the day than the e-book version).

There’s a link to Amazon on my previous blog, so scroll down to find it if you’re planning to order it but haven’t yet done so.

Phew! The process of making your novel available in different formats is so time-consuming. I’m ready for a break (and perhaps a maple pecan danish) now.



‘Vibes’ now available for pre-order

I am finally able to announce that my latest novel, Vibes, is available to pre-order (in ebook format only at present) from Amazon, with a release date of 21st July. This means that an order placed now will be delivered to your Kindle on 21st.

Here’s a link, should you wish to order it:Pre-order Vibes from Amazon

3D V2

Vibes cover

I’m intending to make it available in paperback too, but since I apparently do things backwards, the paperback will follow at a later date (most authors apparently produce the paperback first and then release an ebook version later, but having started with just ebooks, that’s the format I’m most accustomed to dealing with).

New book cover

Here’s the cover of my soon-to-be-published latest novel, Vibes (image created, for those who might need a cover designer, by the brilliant and patient Dave at jdandj.com).

All I have to do now is finish the final edit, format it and get it onto Amazon. I’m aiming for a release date around 21st July – which I believe is when the school summer holidays start.

3D V2.jpg

Now available in Paperback!

3D V1 While waiting for my copy editor to be available to check over my upcoming novel, I decided to have a crack at converting Splitting Infinities to make it available from Amazon as a paperback.

Success was finally mine yesterday at about 11pm, and Splitting Infinities can now be ordered in paperback for just £6.49. You can buy it by clicking on the following link: Splitting Infinities paperback version

Now I’ve done one, I’m wondering about the others. Perhaps after I’ve got Vibes (novel number 4) edited and both the cover and ebook versions finished I’ll think about it…