Sian Turner

Sian Turner is the author of seven novels. After her initial offering of two historical fiction books, she switched to contemporary stories about heroines dragged into mysterious and chaotic predicaments by various kinds of paranormal ‘super-power’.

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Beyond the Comfort Zone

After my latest book launch (and way, way too late in my writing journey) I decided to try to get to grips with the concepts of networking and marketing. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried to dip my toe in the water before. My first attempts got me onto social media, which was a learning journey in itself, but I failed to recognise that this was the first step of many, not the answer to life, the universe and everything. Later I realised that my mere presence on social media was not enough and spent many a long hour seeking some kind of divine inspiration that would teach me (preferably by osmosis) what to do next. Sadly, every attempt felt like crossing a beach made of quicksand and my attempts to fill up my sandcastle’s moat with buckets of seawater ended how all such attempts are destined to end.

Then, a few weeks ago, I joined some likely-looking social medial groups where writers share and promote their work. There I found an author who seemed to have got her act together with regard to networking and marketing already and I sent her a ‘message in a bottle’ asking for advice, not even expecting a response.

But a response did come. She signposted me to various resources and from a starting point that felt almost worse than nowhere at all, I finally dipped my toe in the sea without being chewed up by sharks. Although I am still in the shallows (or possibly just the foamy bit right at the very edge) and I know it will take time, I no longer feel like someone kicked over my sandcastle.

When finding a friend is impossible, Erin finds an impossible friend. New book launches today!

My latest novel, Sweet Erin, is now available to buy from Amazon.

Here is a brief taster and some additional info:

‘Have you ever trodden on a snail and watched it lie there on the pavement, its shell all cracked to pieces and its body oozing and unmoving, waiting to die? Well, I’m that snail. I mean, I’m not actually a snail, I’m a girl, and I’m not literally dying, although that’s what it feels like, you know, on the inside: I’m cracked and oozing like that miserable, hapless snail. It isn’t great, is it?’

Were you ever eleven years old?

Erin Fitzwilliam-Beaumont hates her friendless life at secondary school until a mysterious app brings Carys Bowen into her life. Will Carys help Erin find the fresh start she desperately needs, and can Erin help Carys restore her crumbling relationship with her father? The new friends are struggling to face their own demons when a remarkable announcement from Carys turns things upside down.

Find Sweet Erin on Amazon here: for just £1.95 (eBook edition). For US Amazon, go to

Coming soon(ish)

Despite the best efforts of the universe to distract me from my work (also of my three cats, one of whom likes to sprawl across my desk) I am reaching the final stages of novel number (counts on fingers but still has to check on bookshelf to make sure she hasn’t missed one) seven.

The cover is yet to be designed though, and there’s always a waiting list for that (which I wasn’t forward-thinking enought to get myself on in advance) so I’m unable to promise a release date as yet.

The title, unless I change my mind for the umpteenth time, will be Sweet Erin. It is another of my novels with an interesting (hopefully) paranormal twist. This time the story is about an unhappy 11-year-old girl who makes an unusual new friend.

I will post more details once I know a release date. In the meantime, I will be Tweeting, posting on Facebook, following Larry the Cat and the Tweet of God, getting angry about politics and generally doing stuff that will probably only slow down any progress towards publication, but there you go, such is the world.

Be kind, be considerate and be you.

Sian T

Proud (and nervous) to introduce my new novel

I’m a nervous wreck at the moment, in the run-up to the release date of my latest novel Finding the Falling Man (it’s available to pre-order now, but Amazon will automatically release it for sale on Tuesday 27th August). I suppose it feels as if I’ve relinquished control up to a point, because the actual book release will now happen without further intervention on my part. I feel like I’ve sent it for its first day at school and am waiting to find out if it made new friends.

In the meantime, I thought I’d post a link to a free, 3-chapter sample, so here it is: